Why school management system is trending technology in education:

February 12, 2019 in General

Why school management system is trending technology in education:

There are several reasons as to why school management systems have become very common in Pakistan. Managing a school has always been tougher and with every passing day, the burden of work load increasing.

  1. Keeping track of information related to students

The first reason would be the fact that these systems is incredibly easier for schools to maintain information relating to their students. A school management system makes it easier for schools to keep track of information such as students, teachers, staff record,  attendance records, the update of homework, manage discipline issues, how well the students are doing, and what they are achieving within the boundaries of their schooling careers. This is basically all the information that you need to be aware of as a school with respect to your students. When your school management software is effective it becomes easy to keep track of such vast data.

2. Providing access to parents

The school management system help out the parents to track the record and performance of his/her child whether it is attendance or result, either performance or fee payment. This is what is facilitated by good online school management software. With the help of this software, they always remain informed about the progress of their pupil as well as their lacking areas. No matter how busy they are they always receive the information that they need to know. These apps and portals have definitely made life easier for them.

3. The advantages of having a school portals

An integral part of school software is the various portals that have been created for the benefit of parents, students, teacher and admin staff use purpose in a school. There are so many benefits of these systems. First of all, they help parents participate in an active manner in the educational activities of their children. It helps teacher to track their syllabus and lesson plan according to the schedule. They also provide the latest information pertaining to their children as far as things such as PTM (parent-teacher meetings) as well as the various assignments and grades of the students. Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students get attendance reports as well as progress reports of the month. Along that improve the communication between the parents and teachers results in better growth of a child.

4. Information on teachers

With the latest technology, it has now become easier for everyone to get all the information that you need about perhaps the most important backbone of the schools – the teachers. You give them access to their subject related also track each and everything that the teachers are doing within the school. You can also take a look at a teacher’s class schedule and the reports that they are filing with a greater degree of efficiency and ease. This database is beneficial for the teachers as well as they get imparted of important things like their class schedules and timings.

5. Facilities such as e-mail texts and voice messages

With the help of an online school system, a school management is able to send across important information through media such as Push Notifications, e-mail and text messages to all the important stakeholders. It is well known that for a school to be successful there needs to be proper communication among all the parties concerned and this is especially applicable to the students, teachers, parents and school management.

6. Managing attendance

An important administrative task performed by a school is managing attendance. As such, if the teachers are tasked with such boredom inducing tasks you can be sure that it is going to end up costing a significant amount of time. No matter when it is done it is always going to eat up precious time that could have been devoted to the class. At times, the teachers too find it really difficult to perform such banal work. This is where the modern day school management systems can make life so easy for them.

7. Keeping track of report cards

This is where you need the present day school management systems to manage the paperless report cards & to make sure that the entire process gets over and done in the most seamless way possible. A report card shows how well or poorly a student has done throughout a year and as far as an academic year is concerned it is easily the most anticipated thing. However, if the work has to be done manually as is done in most cases, the staff as well as the teachers who are normally tasked with such responsibilities, is going to find out how time and effort consuming it can be done. The traditional methods were not error free but through online school system you can manage these report effectively and efficiently.

8. Tracking of fees and online payment

The one thing that makes everything run in this world is money and schools can be no exception to that time-tested universal custom either. Now how does a school get money, through fees and other avenues of payment? Keeping track of all the receipts, payments heading their way can be quite a headache. This is why you need the school management systems, using this it becomes really easy to perform these functions along with getting the bills and invoices ready as well as keeping track of various kinds of fees.

9. Managing admissions

Managing the entire process of students getting admitted to your school can be quite tough as well. However, if a school has to do all this manually through a whole host of files then there is always a chance that crucial data could get lost. This is where the school management systems can help you so much as they help you perform the entire work online and thus save plenty of priceless data easily enough. Yet another benefit of these systems is that you can access the data at any time that you may need.

10. Managing profiles

A school management software system is able to perform profile management work without any problem whatsoever. These systems come equipped with many modules and this just so happens to be one of them. With the help of this particular flair, they can manage profiles of all their school management such as students, staff members, parents, teachers, and people working in the administration as well. These systems, at the very least, are able to record data such as contact information and names of these individuals. It also helps that it is pretty easy to access these systems

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