Your Security is Our Priority

How Does It Work?

At Ilmversity, it is of utmost importance to keep our system security up to the mark to industry standards.

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Server Security

We only use Most secure AWS servers to store and process our data. Our servers are regularly monitored by trained professionals. Regular backups and hardened access ensure that we are always secure from external unwanted access.


Network Security

All of our clients get free SSL(HTTPS) with their instances. Server Protection is implemented against Man in the Middle Attacks (MIM). This ensures that data and network security of our clients.

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Client Security

Security measures are implemented to prevent Server Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). All instances come with these preventive measures by default.

What steps should i take?

You are also a key player in our security team! Here are few steps that you should always take to ensure security of your account

  1. 1
    Use strong Passwords

    You should always use a strong password for your accounts. Your password is the key to your identity so the stronger the password is the better it is

  2. 2
    Change your passwords regularly

    It is always advised that you change your passwords regularly every few months and keep them stored in a safe place

  3. 3
    Never share your password

    You should never share your password with someone other than yourself, if you need to store your password always use a secure place

A Pledge from our Team

It is our Mission and Top Priority that we take all steps necessary for ensuring safety of data of our clients and users, we are and will ensure that our security is top notch and always aligned to industry’s best practices