Why most of the schools often fail in the implementation of LMS (Learning Management Software)?

July 2, 2020 in General

Why most of the schools often fail in the implementation  of LMS (Learning Management Software)?

Learning Management Software are connecting the students and learners through an online e-learning system in a very standardized manner. In the modern world after becoming a global village due to advanced technology, this connection is helping in the online discussions, sharing of learning and research material, interacting each other from vast distances outside the classrooms in a much digitalized manner. On the one hand this LMS technology is helping all around; however on the other hand many institutions have proven to be failed in its implementation. There are certain reasons in this regard and following are few of them:

1- An improper implementation team

In most cases, there is a lack of interest in the implementation of an LMS. Its implementation is a group effort. An inefficient and an ineffective team will result in unexpected and costly delays. The team should be competent and their expertise should be adequate in order to execute the software properly to attain the desired output.

2- Not spending enough time on LMS

No software can be utilized properly if it is not given the proper time to operate it regularly and if the data provided to it is inaccurate or incomplete. Many a times, the implementation team show lack of interest in spending time to operate the software resulting in creating poor experience and effecting the quality of the technology. This decreases the satisfaction level and the desired output. 

3- Insufficient training

Adequate time and effort along with sufficient training and provision is essential to implementation any successful technology implementation. Various LMS projects are supposed to have been failed because of poor utilization and inadequate training required for the platform. Training your learning and development team sufficiently in all aspects of the platform will mean that the technology is fully utilized and the most engaging learning experiences are created.

4- Not utilizing the ample output

The proper use of data which an LMS is providing as an output is the only way to know that LMS is making a special impact to its user or not. The challenge of utilizing its output lies in analyzing and understanding the data. Many institutions fail in its implementation as they lack to produce reports that give an accurate representation of the LMS’s results. With reliable reports, an organization can make informed decisions to focus on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

5- Lack of team’s focus

Managers, designers, developers, instructors, students and course creators, etc. can be stakeholders involved with eLearning.  It is always very difficult to set goals for all, manage their tasks and to bring everyone on a single page. So, lack of focus from any of them results in improper implementation of LMS.