What are the top education trends going to be in 2020?

January 20, 2020 in General

What are the top education trends going to be in 2020?

It was predicted that the year 2020 would change the lives of human beings. Robots and machines will dominate daily life on earth. These predictions have not come true in a literal sense but technology has transformed our lives one way or the other. One of the sectors that have been revolutionized by technology in education.

Increased preference for online courses

In recent years, there has been a flood of students opting for courses available online. Online learning has enabled students to access their respective material whenever it’s needed. As the demand increases, institutes will have to expand the online availability of courses and degrees responding strategically.

Increased investments in School Management Systems

In coming years, schools and other educational institutes are going to spend more of their budget on school management systems which eventually guarantees the extension of learning ecosystem of the students. School management systems also enable the easy communication of staff and administration staff with parents.

Increasing Use of Technology in Learning Technological tools required in the process of learning are explained below:

Video-based learning

To increase the learning output many experts suggest the medium of videos. You can access the videos of experts anywhere and anytime in the world. Availability of low cost or free video platforms enabled growth in videos as a medium of learning.

Blockchain in learning

Blockchain is an online public register that records and verifies the transactions automatically. In upcoming years it’s estimated that the number of educational institutes will start using blockchain technology which not only enables them to use it as storage but also to keep track and share the students credentials with the respective employers.

AI-based learning

Market research suggests that AI which is growing at the rate of 38% will cross USD 2 billion in the education sector by 2023. AI can be integrated with schools in multiple ways which eventually enables setting up of question papers themselves from a pre-existing question bank.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has made its place in the education sector and it’s going to stay forever. Schools are using it in classrooms in multiple ways. One of the most common features of VR giving the ability of virtual visits to distant or physically not accessible places. It’s expected that it will become one of the most common methods to display objects, process and historical locations to students.

In short 2020 is going to be a year to realize the full potential of machines. With the help of various technologies online learning space has evolved and will transform itself in the upcoming years.