Top 4 Features of School Management Mobile App That Will Keep Parents And Students On Track

November 29, 2019 in General

Top 4 Features of School Management Mobile App That Will Keep Parents And Students On Track

School Management Software

To manage all the operations and processes of your educational institution smoothly you need a school management software. Ideal school management software would be very helpful for the educational institution. Most of the processes can be digitized to be performed by the school management software.

Features of school management software vary from online submission of admission forms to generation of student fee receipts. It’s the ideal partner which make sure the smooth functioning of educational institution daily.

How does a school management mobile app is more useful?

School management software is more useful when it has a mobile application

Research proves that most of the people use smartphones in the 21st century so that they can have access to their online portals. In this expeditious world, school management software and it’s mobile application become partners in the ecosystem of education when users can access their portals anywhere and at any time.

Features that Improved Efficiency

ERP apps allow all stakeholders of the educational ecosystem to work more efficiently in terms of processes daily.

Features that become more enhanced when used on mobile devices are listed below:

1)Real-Time Timetable Tracking 

One can stay on track when he/she has easily available access to his/her schedule.

Especially in the case of students who alongside their education are also learning how to stay organized and maintain consistency in their life.

In that sense having a school management mobile application which has a timetable in real-time, will make students more schedule oriented in their life.

2)Fees Management

Fee payments are critical to school and college because it has a direct effect on the bottom line. It also indicates the financial health of a school which is very sensitive. Both generation and payment of fees are high stake processes – It is necessary to minimize error and increase accuracy. Therefore a school management software is a perfect fee management system which enables end to end fee process for an educational institution. With the help of the mobile application of school management system, parents can pay the fees of their children anywhere, anytime and in a secure way.

3)Attendance Management

By keeping an eye on attendance of student one gets the idea of student body health of an educational institute. And by studying the patterns of attendance one can understand trends which indicate illness, blockers to attendance, or even students who are falling behind in one way or the other. Attendance is also a security and protection issue for a vulnerable community. Real-time attendance tracking helps parents, teachers and other management staff to stay aware of students whereabouts. And at the same time independence is being encouraged. Schools’ primary priority is to ensure the student’s safety and security.

4)Messaging System

A school management application is more useful when it allows users to stay up to date in real-time. It can send alerts and notifications to the mobile phones of anything important for students, teachers, parents and other staff. There is no need to send circulars or make endless phone calls to update the stakeholders about what is happening daily.

Instant SMS, email notifications, in-app announcements and messages to keep everyone updated. Alerts and notifications are designed to keep in mind the privacy issues as they are within the school management system. The audience for the notification can be customised. Such kind of automation in education management system ensures a decrease of the burden on the time and work resources of any educational institute.