Technology and its importance for students

October 16, 2019 in General

Technology and its importance for students

No one can deny the fact that technology has made our lives much easier and comfortable than what it used to be before the revolution in the field of information and technology. It has changed the lives of everyone including students.

Change in the approaching to access knowledge 

The most important benefit of technology is that students can access knowledge anywhere and anytime by using the internet in their smartphones, tablets and laptops. All they need is a stable internet connection. Just because of technology, learning is no longer limited to the walls of the classrooms. Students in schools and colleges don’t need to wait for the teacher to come to the classrooms and clear their ambiguities if they have any. All they need is an internet connection and they can google whatever the confusions they have about the topic they studied in the classroom.

Thanks to technology we have the concept of virtual education or distance education which means that students can take classes virtually by using skype or video tutorials on YouTube.

Comprehensive knowledge

After the revolution in information technology, no one can imagine a classroom without technological advancements. In a classroom without technology teachers can’t teach anything except what they know. That means students won’t be able to know anything more than what their teachers knew especially when students limit themselves to what they studied in the classrooms. In case students don’t understand or like the way their teacher is teaching then no need to worry students can take online lectures on whatever subject they want.

Engaging in an active manner

Thanks to the technological revolution which has made possible what used to be impossible. Students are engaging more actively. There’s no need to follow only what the book says, students can find the answers to various questions by themselves. This, as a result, leads to the active engagement of students in their studies.

Considerable increase in productivity 

Due to technological advancements, students have become more productive than ever. Thanks to technology education are no longer limited to geographical boundaries or any specific time. Technology has given many tools to students and as a result, they can keep learning on their own and just because of that there’s a considerable increase in productivity of the students.

Source of motivation 

Students can watch videos and movies on the topics they are interested in or have the curiosity to know more about them. Many schools and colleges show the motivational videos to students and cheer them up if they feel down or disappointed. This makes them optimistic about whatever they are doing or want to do in future. As a result, it helps students in academic and professional careers.


Everything in the world has two sides; positive and negative. Same goes for the use of technology. Just as technology has a positive side there is a negative side as well. However, it depends on users how they are using the technology. If used positively there are plenty of benefits one can get.

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