Role of Metaverse in Education

June 25, 2022 in General

Role of Metaverse in Education


              People can use metaverse to create imaginary environments. Metaverse is a digital landscape that helps people to interact all around the world. The metaverse will be available through phones, computers, and wearable technology and it will be where you work, trade, exercise, interact, watch movies and play games, etc. In a world of pandemic, it has easily paved a way for families to interact easily.

The concept of Metaverse was first given in a science fiction novel in 1992 where the metaverse is presented as a combination of virtual and augmented realities and the people act as avatars accessible through wearable technologies such as goggles etc.

Metaverse provides significant improvements in our life. It is also predicted that metaverse will also lower pollution in the near future as people will not prefer to travel for business and leisure.

How metaverse effectively plays its role in education

Metaverse also plays a very important role in education as well. Children can have first hand experience through the metaverse. Instead of learning about specific locations through textbooks, they can learn by visiting textbooks, same goes for learning about specific organs as well.

There are several possibilities in metaverse school as well, teachers can show their personal experience through 3D animations. With the creation of avatars, students can study together, share their notes, interact with things, etc.

Despite our various doubts, the metaverse will be the next era and it is already here. The metaverse is predicted to have a significant positive impact on eLearning as well with its immersive qualities to make virtual learning environments more realistic and learning itself more engaging and experiential.