Parent’s role in children Education

February 8, 2022 in General

Parent’s role in children Education

The participation of parents plays an important role in the education of their child e. g reading a book with them from an early age, listening to the child attentively, assisting them with their schoolwork.

The Centre of Child Well being in 2010 also states that those parents who actively participate in their children’s education will make them more confident, have better social skills, self-aware of their qualities, and have excellent academic achievements.

Children with more involved families in their education turned out to be more practical and responsible. Parent’s daily involvement with studies of children also makes them have optimistic attitudes.

Below listed are a few tips that can help parents in playing their role effectively in their child’s education.

  • Increase the parents-teacher interaction. Parents should actively participate in all PTM meetings regularly and must have an interactive talk with their teacher.
  • Take care of mental health. With the increased pressure of studies, one must know how to keep the atmosphere balanced for their children in terms of studies and mental health. The opportunities should be provided in order to have active mental health.
  • Make them physically active. Like other problems, obesity is one of the major issues occurring in children. Due to covid with less to zero activity children are used to the fact of staying at home. Parents should involve them in some kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes daily. It should be either a walk, playing badminton or any sport.
  • Communication. This is one of the most important factors that play a significant role in children’s education. Parents need to emphasize the communication part first. The more a child is able to communicate their issues, the more he/she is going to excel in their tasks. With the generation gap thing, most the parents are unable to reach their child’s level so taking a first step parents need to communicate with their children effectively.
  • Parents should define a strict line between balance and then going overboard. At the end of the day these children are little humans, so instead of having extra superficial expectations parents need to have realistic expectations from students. A healthy environment makes a healthy child.
  • Children observe, learn and do what they see their parents are doing instead of teaching them to be role models for them. Develop a habit of reading for yourself, your child will ultimately pick up all these habits.