Most Effective Modules of LMS for a New Comer

June 10, 2021 in General

Most Effective Modules of LMS for a New Comer

Learning Management System requires its complete implementation for any new comer to gain effectively from it.   It includes a wide range of modules for its users. At the very start, user should identify the needs, define the LMS requirements, create the process and launch the platform. For a new comer to learn properly, following are the most effective modules to get started with:.

1- Live classes:

LMS provides the students, opportunity to attend live lectures from anywhere around the world. It allows the students to interact with teachers and other viewers by using an online messaging system. Live classes make the environment of the class more dynamitic and it encourages the debates and allows students to have immediate answers to their questions.

2- Recorded lectures:

It is almost impossible to write everything down from the in-depth and fast paced lectures. Recorded lectures provide the students opportunity to listen to it back and ensure that they don’t miss anything. Moreover, it is very easy for students to organize the lectures in recorded form to review them at the time of exams.

3- Home Work:

Students can easily get access to their assigned homework through LMS in order to get it done at any time. They are simply just one click away from their assigned work. They can review the recorded lectures in order to complete their task more efficiently. However, they can co-ordinate online with their instructor by leaving a message whenever required.

4- Class Work

Teachers can assign any classwork to the students during the live class. They can organize live discussions and can check the progress of the student through questions and answers. They can also provide certain assistive and informative links and references to students during lectures in order to complete the classwork.

5- Online Quizzes:

Students can have access to the quizzes assigned by the supervisors and can download anytime and after solving them can upload through LMS as per the instructions of the respective supervisor. This will reduce their learning and development time.

6- Tests and Exams

Teachers can conduct tests online even during the class and can take examinations through LMS. LMS allows teachers to take tests and exams during pandemics and national disaster holidays when it is not allowable for students to attend the institutions physically. Students can give exams and can check their results through LMS online in order to get upgraded.

Quantifying the importance of LMS in today’s automated ecosystem, many online software platforms are significantly facilitating schools and colleges to accomplish their educational vision in a highly effective manner along with time and cost efficiency as a secondary goal.  Ilmversity due to robust learning management, high adaptability, user friendly interface, task automation including learning portals and customer driven strategies is also one of the best LMS available. It is recognized for its excellence around the globe and hundreds of learners are engaged through it. Moreover, it is highly configurable and very affordable pricing model for users