Keeping your calm through active listening exercises

November 8, 2022 in General

Keeping your calm through active listening exercises

Have you heard before keep calm and my birthday is coming, keep calm because it’s my birthday, I can’t keep calm because it’s my birthday, etc then let me tell you, this is exactly that keep calm

This blog is basically about how to keep calm through different exercises. So for this purpose parents have to select a place for their child away from all distractions including their other small siblings so that’s why they select that time when they are all asleep. Everyone has their own favourite time, some preferred day time some preferred right time.

Select a place it could either be your lawn, terrace, or rooftop as well. Make the child close his eyes and listen to all sounds around him. This will generate his curiosity but make a rule that no one is going to speak and this is going to teach him patience and how to be calm. We often tend to ignore what others are saying as we don’t have a habit of active listening. 

Parents can make a child do abdominal breathing and alternate nostril breathing. The relaxation level raises of a child is very much, he feels calmer and more serene. My body relaxes if you try out these activities you will get to know how every cell of your body relaxes. These exercises make your mind relax, all the negative vibes leave out from your body.

If one can use any of the activities which you find comfortable before the test/quiz surely one can benefit from it and also his nervousness decreases. If this activity can be done daily then it will overcome nervousness, keeps us calm, and also you will feel very fresh.