Keep children away from ‘these’ poisonous items!

February 12, 2019 in General

Keep children away from ‘these’ poisonous items!

It is important and very essential to provide a safe home while raising a child. It is also necessary that parents are aware of all kind of dangers that may harm and threaten your child’s safety while we assume they are safe at home.

Staying attentive is one of the major key of parenting. There are numerous reported cases of children having breathing issues, skin and eye burns after getting contact with colorful, toxic detergents used for washing/cleaning houses. Sometimes children under the age of 6, while trying to chew & bite these detergent packets face drastic results. They sometimes even eat, touch, breath or get them in their eyes and results can be imagined.

Researchers have found that every year more than 22,000 incidents are being recorded, and the number is still increasing. Let`s be more aware and vigilant and provide our children a safe and secure childhood!

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