Importance of IoT in Education

November 15, 2019 in General

Importance of IoT in Education

Basic Understanding of IoT

IoT means the Internet
of things. IoT relates to a network of devices excluding laptops, mobile phones
etc. that help incorporate the world with the internet through the trade of

Eventually, it results
in more incorporation of devices in our surroundings with the internet and its
credentials. Imagine your fridge telling you that you are out of vegetables and
then you tell your fridge to order some more. Or you can set up a schedule for
ordering and delivery of repeated items. Thanks to IoT, All these things have
become possible.

The usual use of IoT

IoT has many
applications but one of the most noticeable uses of IoT so far has been in the
retail sector. Think of Daraz’s or Ali Express’s dash buttons that allowed you
to order whatever you want at a single click. But it’s not just limited to
online shopping. It has many applications in agriculture, medicine, health
care, transportation, etc.

How to use IoT in schools

The growing omnipresence
of the internet in educational institutes means that something like IoT isn’t
far. But what kind of applications of such technology are going to be in
schools, colleges or any other educational institute? IoT is not something like
a perk for students. It must be viewed as a method by which students, teacher
and parents can have an ideal educational experience and everyone can play his

IoT has numerous
applications in educational institutes. Few of them are given below:

1) Devices can be used
to track the use of classroom materials and sharing of data

2) Using radio logistics
parents can track the child’s commute to school

3) IoT has removed the
barriers between the online and physical presence

Use of IoT in the past

Use of smart boards is
already in place in schools and eventually, it results in the connectivity of
academics and teachers around the globe. Courses are available openly to
everyone who has access which enables the sharing of information openly. The
output of this is a huge collaboration and enhanced education for teachers and
students. Student safety and campus security must be our topmost priority.
School administration and parents can keep track of their children while they
are on the premises of the educational institute. It will lead to a reduction
in unexplained absences and a point to raise the genuine issues which are the
reasons for student’s absence at a certain place.