Importance of communication between Schools and Parents

July 30, 2021 in General

Importance of communication between Schools and Parents

Both parents and teachers have a common goal for the student which is to enable the best educational and learning experience possible for students. When both parents and teachers communicate with one another, they are able to work together to achieve this common goal contributing their specific knowledge and skills and finally meeting the objective. Effective communication between parents and teachers builds better understanding as well as trust. And when school and parents trust and understand each other, they will be more efficiently able to support children’s wellbeing and progress. Therefore, communication is a key to establish and maintain positive partnerships between school and parents.

A three-way relationship between parents, student and the teacher by working together positively can you help the student to achieve the full potential. There are several ways for the parents to communicate with the school and with the teacher other than just attending parent-teacher meetings annually or just attending conferences. There are a lot of ways to create a positive two way relationship with the teacher and stay in touch with the school like

  • Meet teachers at drop-off or pick-up time.
  • Email the teacher about the student’s progress.
  • Add comments to the student’s homework book.
  • Book an appointment quite often to communicate effectively with them.
  • Use the latest School Management and Learning Softwares to communicate.

The later approach i.e. the effective use of latest school management and learning softwares and applications like Ilmversity have been found really helpful in all aspects for the teachers, parents and students. They include certain effective features for the school and parents effective communication such as

1- Accessibility

Any parent can very easily login to the software application through their smart phones, desktops and laptops from anywhere around the world.

2- Notifications and News

Parents can constantly get notifications, updates and news from the school about the child’s performance through softwares.

3- Constant two-way communication

The school management and learning software facilitates constant communication between parents and teachers by sharing their views on it.

4- Monitor the Student’s performance

Both parents and teachers can regularly monitor the student’s performance, academic progress, results, attendance and can take necessary actions whenever required.

5- Tracking of Bus-time for students using School-buses

Both parents and school authorities can track the real-time location of school buses the students are using.

6- Make online payments

Parents can easily make online payments like school tuition and vehicle fees. They don’t need to take the risk of sending money with their children.