Ilmversity`s ‘Promote Class’ Feature for Promoting Students from one Class to another

February 12, 2019 in General

Ilmversity`s ‘Promote Class’ Feature for Promoting Students from one Class to another

Are you still using an old software tool that has to be re-set at every year end? And those old methods of going to each student record individually and change his/her class allocation? You must surely be tired transferring them, even re-writing their names sometimes after defining a new course/class/batch. Therefore, we bring a solution to it. Get Ilmversity as it offers an amazing feature of promoting class, which helps you to upgrade a batch in a matter of minutes. With this, not only promoting students is easier, but it also helps you to keep a complete track of all the previous Academic Records of an individual student, which is maintained at every student profile`s History section.

All you need to do is follow these steps, to transfer faster.

Login with your admin account to Ilmversity and explore ‘Class/Subject Manager’ in module list and then select the option ‘Class’.

Here, in Class Students area, select the students you want to promote to the next class. By clicking the check-box on top, you can select all too, if you need to promote maximum number of students and then un-check those who are not eligible and are not promoted.

Explore the dropdown ‘Actions’ on top and finally select ‘Promote Students’ to promote the class students to a new class.

A window is opened, where you need to select the new class these selected students are being promoted to.

Click the button ‘Promote’ and it’s done!

These simple steps will help you save a lot of time and efforts that was once used in transferring all the names of students one by one from one to to another course/class manually. Also, in case of an old students, you can access all their previous academic history on a single click! Think smart and use Ilmversity.

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