How to prepare the child for school daily

November 1, 2022 in General

How to prepare the child for school daily

Children’s daily preparation for school is one of the most important things in parents’ lives. So in this blog, we will discuss how to set routines, validate the child’s feelings and how parents can play a positive role in a child’s life.


Validation is one of the most important and precious things a parent can give to their children. Since children are dependent on their parents for everything, validation coming from parents plays a great role in their daily routine. Children learn to understand their emotional expressions.

Here are a few examples of validations for parents before sending their child to school

  1. Your feelings are valid
  2. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me
  3. I’m here with you
  4. We’ll get through this together

Plan routine with kids

This is one of the most effective ways of making a child independent. The parents at first do these routine chores with their child and once the child gets used to it he/he will do it by themselves. The parents can set morning as well as night routines with their kids. Also letting children know what they are going to do in school tomorrow will help them in controlling their feeling instead of being anxious and scared.

A morning routine can be set through the following points.

  1. Getting out of bed
  2. Cleaning teeth and getting dressed
  3. Having breakfast etc.

A night routine can be set as:

  1. Packing school bag
  2. Laying out uniforms

Children Replicate Parents

Children copy parents. It is a famous saying monkey see monkey do. So children try to replicate everything that their parents are doing. Start the morning in the best possible way. Positivity is contagious and it can affect a child a lot. If a parent is in a good mood it will also reflect on the child and he/she will also be in good mood.


Your child’s self-esteem and confidence are encouraged by praise. You are teaching your kids how to think and speak well of themselves by expressing praise. You are training your youngsters to recognize their accomplishments and feel proud of themselves.

Some kids require more encouragement than others, especially those who lack confidence compared to other kids. Children are more likely to view working hard as a positive trait when praise is given for effort.