How to choose the pre-eminent school administrative software for your educational institute?

December 6, 2019 in General

How to choose the pre-eminent school administrative software for your educational institute?

Nowadays most schools use school administrative software to reduce the workload of the administrators by automating the typical administrative processes like maintenance of attendance register, generation of a report card, generation of ID card, management of transportation and hostel etc.

What is the difference between school administrative software and school management system?

School administrative software manages the administrative activities of an educational institute.

There can be different groups of employees in any educational institute. It can be groups of teachers and administrators. Active and efficient management of academics and administration should be a top priority of every educational institute. Some schools appoint a CEO whose main task is to focus on administrative and operational issues.

School administrative software takes care of the distinctive needs of school admins and most of the time it has limited login access. On the other hand school management is a completely functional ERP that has more features than any software of school administration and permits login access for all the related users i.e students, parents, teachers and admins at the same time.

Ilmversity is a good example of a school management system providing an enhanced solution with dedicated dashboards, integrated with the latest tools for information management and features of school administration software.

Let us look at some of these features in detail:

Student And Parent Information Database

This feature will enable admin to store all the student and parent data throughout student’s enrollment in the school. Reports cards, attendance and other such data will be updated over time. A single administrator would be able to manage all the data operations.

Certificates Generation

Every educational institute needs various types of certification for its students.

Ranging from simple authenticity certificate to attendance certificate with different styles in layouts and colours. All kinds of certificates can be generated on a single click whenever required.

ID card Generation

Admins can generate id cards for students and teachers individually and in bulk also. All the process is automated and students will have fresh photos on their cards every year.

Accounts management

With the help of accounts management module, admins can keep track of income and expenses. Most of the time income is majorly in the form of school fees. The school fees can be collected in the form of cash or can be paid through online banking.

Payslip & Payroll management

Generation of monthly payslips and management of payrolls of teacher and staff are time-consuming tasks. With the help of payslip and payroll management, all of the above-mentioned tasks can be automated. Tax calculations can also be done in parallel.

Attendance Management

Attendance management is one of the most important features in school administrative software. The attendance data can be collected through biometric machines or attendance register. Further, the same attendance data can be used to generate reports.

Schedule Management 

Teachers and admins spend most of their time at the start of the academic year on creating daily and yearly schedules. Schedule manager helps in the creation of daily and yearly timetable that’s too teacher and class wise.

SMS Communication

To send alerts to parents, SMS is still one of the best mediums for communication. Admins can use bulk SMS or individual SMS feature of school administrative software.

Report Generator

In report management module school administrative software collects data from all modules and then shows them in various reports. Such reports have great importance for admins and management of the school. All these features help admins and other users to get benefits in their daily work.