How Khan Academy is changing the Dynamics of Education

February 12, 2019 in General

How Khan Academy is changing the Dynamics of Education

There is generally two ways of doing anything, a generic/regular way & a unique/hard way. Salman Khan is a person who chooses to do things differently. He left the typical class rooms method and choose online ways to deliver education. He is the man behind Khan Academy, which is an Online Education website delivering World-Class Education around the globe. His educational website has over 6600 video resources from where people can learn variety of Science and Art subjects.

It all started when Salman graduated from Harvard Business School and started teaching his cousin mathematics using Doodle notepad tool developed by Yahoo. Later, some more relatives showed interest in his assistance so he decided to post his video tutorials on YouTube to make the process efficient. The videos began to hit, so Salman left his job and completely dedicated his time on Khan Academy. Today Khan Academy has more than 3.3 Million Subscribers and more than 1 Billion total views since November, 2006. He runs his organizations on donations he receives from all over the world.

His concept not just helps the students to learn, but also helps Teachers and Parents to keep a track. People can easily access Khan Academy`s website or Mobile Applications to learn different tools for teaching as well. We wish that Mr. Salman`s dream of providing world class free educations via his virtual school is soon fulfilled!

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