How digital technology is helping parents to increase parental engagement in student’s success?

August 21, 2019 in General

How digital technology is helping parents to increase parental engagement in student’s success?

Nowadays schools are facing continuous pressure. Schools need to make sure that they are putting their best efforts in engaging the parents. There are many solutions under consideration.

Digital technology is one of them.
The main purpose, in this regard, is to make sure that increased parent
engagement should be effective. Online portfolios are playing a key role in
this regard. They help parents in taking an active part in the learning process
of their child. And that’s why online portfolios are highly recommended by

Digital portfolios and their role

Online portfolios are keeping parents updated. Online portfolios are not only updating the parents but also expecting them to check the same within specific time period. With the help of this technology, parents stay connected to whatever that’s happening in the classrooms. It helps parents to start a conversation with their kids. This is one of the important features in this regard. The core purpose of this technology is to help students to get better than whatever they were getting before. Parents can start a discussion with their kids about any task or project they saw in the portfolios.


There are plentiful examples of how effective this technology has become. Just because of this technology some schools have started parent-teacher meeting after a gap of a couple of months. After using the tools and the technology the meetings between parents and teachers have become a lot more open or we can say informal. Both parents and teachers feel that just because of this technology meetings have become friendlier. Parents are able to receive the details about the progress of their kids on a regular basis. This has also improved the relationship between parents and teachers. These meetings now serve as the chain of discussions that are going on all the time.

improvement in parental engagement

Just because of online/digital
portfolios levels of parental engagement have increased in a very extraordinary
way. The best feature of online/digital portfolios is that you have many
options to choose from. You can always choose according to your requirements
and needs.

Assumptions at
the lower levels

Usually, at lower level there is an assumption that teachers would inform the parents about the progress of their children. This is where digital technology has changed all the scenarios. Now parents can provide feedback through the various means available to them. Nowadays schools are using digital means to provide parents with details about their child’s progress in his/her class. Parents now know the details about the performance and quality of the education of their child. As a result, parents can monitor the performance of their children closely.

The importance of the parent’s role in the educational process

Teachers know the importance of the fact that parents are a mandatory part of the educational process of their children. The digital technology has enabled parents to be part of the classrooms and can keep a check on the activities children are having at school. Digital technology has also enabled the parents to have a clear idea about the learning of their children. These digital portfolios are actually connecting schools with homes.

Response of parents

We can measure the efficiency of the digital portfolios by the way parents are responding to the use of this technology in the classrooms. Parents can provide feedback instantly and as a result, it is beneficial for students. These tools are user-friendly so parents cannot face any difficulty in using them.

How are these systems helping with evaluation? The school ERP systems are very helpful in communication with parents but still have limitations. The systems we are talking about have no such limitations. Digital technology is focused on conversations about student learning. This technology has enabled both the teachers and parents to see what exactly the students are thinking. So, in a nutshell, this is how digital tools are helping parents in getting more interested in the learning process of their children.

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