How can exam anxiety be lessened for students?

November 29, 2022 in General

How can exam anxiety be lessened for students?

In this blog, we will see how effectively students can handle stressful situations by depending on their ability to control their nerves. According to the latest research students who experience more exam anxiety are not able to perform well academically as compared to less worried students.

More anxious students are also more prone to putting off assignments and are less able to handle the daily requirements of the school. But it is also said that anxiety can inspire people and improve cognitive skills like attentiveness if controlled.

How Teachers/schools can play their role in decreasing the anxiety of students?

Teachers should stress that having some amount of anxiety is both normal and beneficial, and they should make certain that the students are comfortable with the test setting. At the beginning of a class, quick assessments or quizzes can assist students to discover their knowledge gaps.

Let the students what is expected of them, such as the questions they must answer and what to do next after finishing the assignment. Allow students to become comfortable with the exam room, the arrangement of the desks, and their assigned seats. Before they’ve even sat down, kids pacing up and down the rows in search of their seats and growing increasingly tense will only cause more anxiety.

Most importantly Schools need to avoid using fear as a motivator. While warning students that they will fail if they don’t put in more effort seems to increase anxiety levels, encouraging them to put in extra effort seems to have the opposite impact. They could still feel a little anxious, but that’s alright. What we can do is help prevent it from reaching unmanageable levels – and stop students from becoming anxious about being anxious.