Extensive reading, and its benefits

October 25, 2019 in General

Extensive reading, and its benefits

books outside one’s specialized area or work is known as extensive reading, and
it has great benefits for students. This kind of reading helps students to
develop a sense of liberty. It is the easiest way to develop such qualities.
You can do this activity wherever and whenever you want.

of extensive reading:

Comprehensible Input

is the most easily available form of source of comprehensible input. It is
especially true for areas where students do not have access to a specific
language that they are looking to learn. The Best way to learn any language is
through exposure to that specific language regularly and extensive reading is
one of them.

 2. Improvement in
general language skills and capabilities

a result of extensive reading students start developing language-related skills
such as writing, understanding of syntax etc. Academic circles suggest that
extensive reading results in improvement of speaking skill. So, if a student is
reading outside her/his curriculum all of her/his language skills will improve
not just reading.

 3. Increase in the
general and global knowledge

most of the students have very limited knowledge about their surroundings and
this is where extensive reading can play an important role. It can open many
avenues for students and students can see and learn different perspectives, and
that is too from different angles. This is one of the most important functions
extended reading can play in a student’s life.

Growth of vocabulary

a student has a habit of reading books outside her/his syllabus, it eventually
helps her or him in improving the vocabulary of that specific language. No one
can build his/her vocabulary in a single session of reading. When you are
reading outside your curriculum you’ll be able to learn new phrases and words.
According to plenty of studies in academic circles with the help of extensive
reading students can improve their vocabulary and sustain it through continued
exposure to language in different contexts.

Improvement in writing skills

help, extensive reading students can improve their writing skills. The
connection between reading and writing is well-established. More reading
results in better writing skills. The process of acquiring language works in a
way that you can reproduce this knowledge by speaking and writing whenever it
is needed.

Motivation to read more and sustain it

you feel encouraged after reading, eventually, it results in more reading. When
you can read a complete book in a new language, it has undeniable positive
effects. Many theories suggest that the first reading should be a compelling
one. Just interesting one would not be able to make any remarkable difference.
It is the success that student achieves with her or his first experience of
extensive reading that cause her or him to keep doing it.