November 23, 2021 in General


Globalization refers to growth/development in culture, world economics, education, etc. Globalization benefits society as a whole. It leads towards an exchange of ideas, information throughout the world among various people promoting cultural diversity. Globalization in education reforms the old school teaching method and facilitates the educators.

Why educational globalization is important

With the changing socio-economic conditions of the country, education is considered to be one of the most successful tools for better survival. But there are many hurdles that make the better absorption of education a luxury such as untrained staff, inadequate tools to keep a check on teacher/student interaction, learning achievement, etc.

Lack of clarity in roles, the burden on administration staff, keeping records in paper form, less interaction of teachers and parents hardly gives us a chance to reform or to promote any creativity. This leads to a vicious cycle of dull routine and we required a solution to break that cycle.

How Globalization is helpful in growth of education attainment

Globalization has a very positive & deep impact on education. With the new era, there is a constant change in the social, economic, and cultural conditions of a country. Institutions should focus on providing developed skills and tools to their students so that they can sustain the market with international students. For this the student has to acquire different skills, keep himself updated with the training of different tools and for this, the institutions should provide students with training and platforms that provide services.

Globalization in education through ed-tech

There are so many platforms out there which provide services as a whole like the barriers in attaining education are restricted to a minimum, students are not supposed to present in class physically the lectures can be attended virtually as well. But for this both the student and teacher need to be familiar with the working technology. Ed-tech software helps students and teachers to be in contact with each other. Any educational source can be also shared directly in class.


ILMVERSITY – an ed-tech application

ILMVERSITY is an ed-tech application that provides a close and easy working relationship revolving around your child’s progress through web & mobile applications. This is used in schools by teachers, students, and parents to build a community where each and everyone plays an important role in the betterment of children. The rapid growth in technology has enabled them to create this amazing application that not only records a child’s progress but also teaches parents how to be better along the way. It focuses more on open-ended education.

With its different modules, the school administration is at ease as it’s less time-consuming for most administration tasks. The roles to staff can be assigned online and also there is a module of online fee collection that helps the schools in better fee recovery.