December 14, 2021 in General


Educational technology termed ed tech is basically a combination of using tools to enhance the learning process. These cloud based apps help students to watch lessons at home at their own pace through video lectures. Video content tools help students learn at their own pace and because they can pause and rewind lectures also this technique help students fully grasp lessons.

With ed tech students performance is higher than in traditional learning also it enables them to work together. This also helps develop the critical thinking skill that further develops the problem solving skill.

How Ed tech helps in saving cost

Teachers can now give worksheets digitally instead of printing them. Even study materials such as textbooks can also be found online. These apps also help in automated grading as it enables the teachers to mark quiz/assessments of larger numbers of students in less time. 

With the help of ed tech apps printing costs reduce to almost zero also making things biodegradable. Classrooms that have gone digital bring about an easier way to grade assignments, lessen the burden of having to safeguard hundreds of homework files, and promote overall environment friendly policies in the classroom. This not only increases the efficiency of staff but also saves up a lot of space in the institution.

Ed tech can be a source of saving paper

Edtech has the potential to lower the cost of education without sacrificing its quality. Even if finances are reduced in the next few years, academics can stay strong. Using ed tech helps an institution in a variety of ways such as it saves both time and money by being flexible for everyone.

Using less paper can help your business to do its part to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing your usage of paper helps to prevent trees from being cut down and eliminates the energy that is used to convert a tree into a piece of white printing paper.

There are many ed tech apps in the market that not only help lessen the administrative workload but also become environment friendly as less paper wastage and more work is done on system. They also preserve records of previous sessions of the institute and are a source of less hassle for teachers and ILMversity is one of them. ILMVERSITY is a cloud based application that provides a close and easy working relationship revolving around the student’s progress through web & mobile apps.

It also provides complete features of the learning, academic, administrative & school management system that not only helps students and teachers but also bridges a gap between parents and teachers to connect effectively for the child. This app also helps the teachers in marking the students’ quizzes/assessments online and saves a lot of time for marking everything manually.