WHALES College is an educational institution that was initiated by none other than an educationalist Mr. WAHAJ HUSSAIN which is on a mission to provide top-notch A-level education as well as complete individual development of a student to aid them in achieving their future dreams. 

WHALES College focuses on providing an intensively conducive environment and robust assessment system for students that curb the growing trend of the after-college tuition system and motivate students to reach their full potential and achieve top grades. Not only is WHALES much acclaimed for producing good grades, but it has also helped students secure admissions in top universities of Pakistan and placements all over the world. The institution also promotes complete personality and talent development through its sports curriculum, student council and WHALES Wellness. 

WHALES College acknowledges and deeply values all of its stakeholders most importantly its staff and administration which has contributed day and night for its betterment. However, as everything is getting digitized it was noticed that staff’s efficiency was being compromised due to managing and tracking of students’ records manually which led to a key development i.e., the installation of the LMS system that is Ilmversity.

In this case study, we take a deeper look into how Ilmversity helped in managing the bulk data effectively that saves a lot of time by automating the day to day operations, and also saves almost 50% of administration staff time for Whales College.

Challenges & Requirements:

Whales College was looking for a system that could be easily customized according to their diverse needs. The system should be a one-stop solution for all their problems. They looked for an automated platform that can collect, integrate and manage all the school data in a single system. The adaptation of innovative technology and learning systems direly requires special decision-making abilities.

Whales College did the same by adopting Ilmversity, a contemporary learning management system that would eliminate the need of hardware and manual systems. Ilmversity is a stable software that integrates multiple aspects of a school/college such as academics, administration, management, students, teachers, staff, and parents.

More precisely, it is a complete set of functionalities and enhanced features that would support school in meeting its operational needs and efficiency. Ilmversity digitalized and streamlined the manual system of  Whales College in a single automated workflow.

Key highlights of Solution:

After evaluating the success achieved by Ilmversity software, these functions are not only  less time consuming but they also increase the overall efficiency of staff and institution. In conclusion, the adoption of Ilmversity software made the complete process of Whales College effortless and now they can do streamlined and outstanding work on their institution data in a fraction of seconds.

“It’s been a few years since we adopted Ilmversity as our primary LMS & Campus management system and so far our experience is nothing but pleasant. With Ilmversity we were able to automate multiple administrative and academic aspects of our institution. Overall it’s a very smooth experience.”

Imran Ali Dogar – Program Manager

Whales College