How Ilmversity fills the Administration loopholes in Badri High School

Badri high school is one of the well known institutes in the field of education. It was founded in 1965. The ethos behind every venture at BHS is to provide a holistic exposure to students so they may be able to discover their talents, hone their skills and become contributing members of the society they inhabit.

BHS offers many facilities to its students such as:

However with greater strength comes the biggest responsibility of managing everything and BHS was finding it difficult to manage their students’ records. Managing the record manually will take up a lot of time and a lot of room, and the amount of paper produced daily will rise. Manual documents can be easily misplaced, lost or taken. Information loss could result from a fire or other natural disaster. So once the files are deleted, there is no way to recover the data if you don’t have any backups.

It is also difficult to make changes in the paper based documents, the contents have to be written all over again. Also it is not possible to make a track of changes every time the institute makes a change. BHS was also facing problems in generating reports of student’s strength, overall result , individual result etc.

BHS wants to have a one stop solution for all the problems. They were searching for a system that can help them in managing their students’ records, and help them have track of their attendance. They searched for an automated system that could gather, combine, and handle all the school’s data in one place. The adoption of new technologies and educational systems urgently calls for specialised decision-making skills.

BHS started looking for software in the market and came across many softwares but found to be the most competent and relatable to their demands. Ilmversity is a cloud based solution offering e-learning, educational and administrative management systems along with high security, flexibility and adaptability. Bringing the students, teachers and parents on the same page. Addressing their long-awaited requirements with easy modules and user friendly interface.

How Ilmversity helped BHS in easing their daily administration tasks

BHS transfers all user base data on Ilmversity and gets the access through one click on knowing how many siblings a particular student has etc. This not only help them in maintaining their record with a backup . Also it helps them to preserve and save paper that will ultimately help in less environmental degradation.

Biometrictric integration  helps them in regulating their staff attendance and the report could be generated with one click. This saves a lot of time for them.

Children remain the most important priority for them so to have a track on a child’s progress thoroughly, they were able to generate individual performance in  class and as comparison in overall class.

Below mentioned are some of the important features of Ilmversity used by BHS:

Sr. No Module Name
1 User Manager
2 Attendance Manager
3 HR Manager
4 Exam Manager
5 Performance Reports
6 Homework Manager

However BHS find proper formatted student record Pdf,Proper formatted reports of Hr. and Fees and Online Admission Form to be the most convenient in their case.

One can see the success achieved by Ilmversity software, these features are not only  less time consuming but they also increase the overall efficiency of staff and institution. In conclusion, the adoption of Ilmversity software made the complete process of BHS effortless and now they can do streamlined and outstanding work on their institution data in a fraction of seconds.

Ilmversity is a convenient and easy to understand application. It has various features for students, parents and school staff. The feature of biometric integrations quite helps us in maintaining attendance of staff. We are using almost all modules and very much satisfied with the Ilmversity portal.

Hashim Saifuddin