How does the Dar e Arqam Maymar campus opt for ilmversity for all school-related activities?


Dar-e-Arqam School Campuses Karachi is located at st#02 Z-5 Gulshan e Maymar  and st#06 R3 Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi. The curriculum is seen as the whole teaching-learning activity both inside and outside the classroom. Among traditional religious seminaries and the contemporary formal education systems, Dar-e-Arqam Schools reflect the goods of both worlds and have the following salient features:

Department of Quranic Studies

The department of Quran studies has three unique wings:

Teachers Training

The training Workshops are arranged for in-service and pre-posting teachers regularly. During summer vacations Dar-e-Arqam organizes summer training programs and refresher courses for teachers. 

Personality Development

The teachers emphasize the personality development of the students besides providing meaningful education. 

It is inculcated in the mind of students to develop Islamic manners.

Teachers are expected to present themselves as role model, an embodiment of morality, manner, and style.

Co-Curricular Activities

It includes sports competitions and in this regard, inter-school competition is arranged on the annual sports day. Education trips are arranged for students. The students are prepared to participate in Quiz programs, debates, and competitions at local, national, and international events.

Research and Development (R&D)

The Curriculum Development wing plays a very vital role to streamline academic programs. It assures the best curriculum methods of teaching, preparation of our workbooks, central academic week plan, the conduct of exams & management training programs during the academic year.

Liaison with Parents

To have a strong liaison between the teachers and parents, a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting is held on the first Saturday of every month wherein parents get feedback about their children. 

With the ed tech advancements around the world, DAM also decided to shift to ed tech software for all school-related activities. With the growing competition, they decided to opt for Ilmversity. Ilmversity is a complete solution revolutionizing educational institutions like schools and colleges, integrated with the best tools & dedicated dashboards for learning management systems (LMS), e-learning, and academic and administrative management (School Management Systems). It facilitates transforming them completely into a new world. Providing them with the latest technology while increasing their functionality.

 A cloud-based solution offering e-learning, educational, and administrative management systems along with high security, flexibility, and adaptability. Bringing the students, teachers, and parents on the same page. Addressing their long-awaited requirements with easy modules and a user-friendly interface.

DAM finds the three most essential features of ilmversity as follows:

▪️Fee Manager

With a fee manager, they can generate vouchers at one click and also can view daily payments, daily collection reports, and overdue collection reports. Conclusively all manual work is done within a few minutes.

▪️Exam Manager

With Exam Manager they can create exams, then label them. The grading by teachers is made very easier. They can grade students and then print the exam reports as well.

▪️User Manager

With user manager, they can manage data of the whole school including teachers, parents, staff, students, etc. Any information about students or parents can be found with one click.

With all the above features they are still in the phase of exploring new features such as the Account module etc. Ilmversity has helped DAM in not only saving time but also monetary extent to some extent.

“Alhamdulillah I am very satisfied with Ilmversity app . The staff is very cooperative and resolves every issue that we have right away. They conduct sessions in which they explain how to use the app and also have multiple videos available on the app which helps us to use the app in case we are stuck on something. I hope that they keep on working the same way and add more new features and updates to the app”.

Manzoor Hassan Modak

Director DAM Maymar campus