7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

February 12, 2019 in General

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

Dr. Stephen Cover is an infamous management guru and highlighly acclaimed writer for his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. In this book, he explains some principles & habits for personal growth that helps to lead an extraordinary life. With no doubt the habits like being proactive, having win-win thinking/perspective and prioritizing things are some traits to to lead a successful and complete life.Here in this blog, we have brought some habits that surely if implemented will help you to be a better teacher.

  1. Believe in your Students: As the title says, just believe in students. Once you start believing in them, it will automatically create an environment of high motivation in your class. Not only that, the students will be able to have confidence in themselves and even not be afraid of failures anymore.
  2. Stay connected with technology: With the current growth in Information Technology, there is much being done for education sector. Many tools have been introduced which helps you to deliver your school’s curriculum effectively. Let’s take an example of Ilmversity itself, which is a popular academic management system helping currently 900+ teachers of 40+ schools/colleges in making their lives easier and smoother.
  3. Never stop learning: There is a very famous saying that, a good teacher is always a good student. One of the most important sign of a good teacher is the urge of keep learning. An effective teacher never misses a chance of gaining knowledge. It not only helps you to increase knowledge, but also understanding student’s perspective and learning processes, especially of newer generations.
  4. Bring some fun into the classroom: Some fun based learning helps relieve stress of tedious class work. Also, a lively teacher is always admired and loved by students.
  5. Sense of purpose: Everyday routine might get you bored, but having focus on the sense of purpose, will keep you motivated on your path. It`s said, when your Why is Clear, How becomes easy!
  6. Staying in touch with parents: A good teacher always appreciate the idea of regular communications with parents. It`s important for a parent to get the right on-ground information about their child, and only a teacher can help with that. Systems & tools like Ilmversity helps you to have a secure communication medium with parents.
  7. Give more than course books: Get out from the regular routine of class work and homework. Sometimes an assignment that helps to explore the world on different topics and understand multiple perspective gives then new and enlightening experience. For example a historical movie on War, debates or inviting a guest speaker for an hour can really help them learn and increase their interest on a particular subject. These extra-curricular activities increase student engagement, attention and excitement.

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