Sharing Memories made Easy with Live Streaming

February 12, 2019 in General

Sharing Memories made Easy with Live Streaming

In this era, the most scarce resource is time. Parents with their high stress routines, are finding it more difficult to take out time and participate in their child’s every activity. But now schools have an alternative! There are many events or activities that are really important for you or for the parents, but it is not possible for every father to get a leave from office, but yes, they can participate from their Smartphones. You can now give them ease of participating from their places anytime, anywhere. Any amount saved is considered an income! It is a normal practice for the schools to deduct salaries of staff on Absenteeism and Late Coming. If things are manual at your school, at the month end it is a tough job to sit and revisit all the staff’s attendance one by one. With Ilmversity`s HR Module, all your salary deductions are handled automatically at the month end. Not only late coming deductions, but also any gov. taxes can be managed too. For deductions of Late Comings & Absents, you need to let the system know once what amount to deduct. Similarly for Taxation, in settings, you simply have to set a percentage once, that you want to divide as a tax on the amount received as income.

Ilmversity`s Upgraded Mobile Application has a feature of live streaming, where schools can stream their events from any connected/login smart phone, and all the parents can view it live from their home or office. All the investment and efforts you did, for organizing this function in the school, now surely would not get wasted with low attendance issues. Let’s utilize technology, at its best! .

Researchers have found that every year more than 22,000 incidents are being recorded, and the number is still increasing. Let`s be more aware and vigilant and provide our children a safe and secure childhood!

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